About Us

We are a group of living beings on this planet with artistic video and research skills that we want to use to help the universe to perform this tribute. All aspects of wisdom and ancestral medicine fascinate us. We put a lot of heart into what we do, and our mission is to present this information in an artistic way and make it available to those who do not have direct access to this kind of knowledge.

Javier Marco Barba

Co-Founder and Director

Javier Marco Barba, born in Valencia, Spain, is a Biologist with a PhD, Alphabiotist, vegetalist, photographer and co-founder of Tribute.

From a very young age he wanted to dedicate himself to medicine but his path led him to study biology first. He specialized in the study of climatic variability and the conservation of natural ecosystems in different research centers worldwide.

Four years ago he decided to leave the academy and redirect his path to his great passions: medicine, research and the study of alternative therapies, in collaboration with the indigenous communities of this planet.

His role in Tribute is the coordination and management of audio-visual and collaborative projects.

”If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Co-Founder and Artistic Director

Co-fundador y Director Artístico

Alfred was born in Valencia in 1979. He began as a linguist at the University of Valencia but left his studies in pursuit of his great passion: video and photography. He carried out audiovisual studies at the Juan Comenius School in Valencia and from in 2006, he turned his passions into his profession.

He first started in the world of video art with his group PSM! doing Live Cinema all over Europe. Later, he worked as a video jockey, in television and specialized in video. Nowadays he has dedicated himself more to the world of photography, and he carries out numerous professional works both in Europe and America.

His role in Tribute is to edit the project in its entirety, and to coordinate the artistic elements with some involvement in the supervision of filming.

”If the doors of perception were purged, everything would appear to men as it really is, infinite.”

William Blake

Jordi Blasco

Co-Founder and Artistic Director

Jordi Blasco began in the world of photography and video as a self-taught amateur. His passion to tell stories through the camera inspired him to study at the EFTI Professional Photography School where he was educated by great photography figures such as Ciuco Gutierrez, Alberto Garcia-Alix and Guy LeQuerrec (MAGNUM). A couple of years later he worked in Video and Performance Production.

Since 2008 he has worked across a spectrum of disciplines such as photography, artistic direction, video, VJ and audiovisual tech. In that same year he created the Niñoviejo collective, which went on to win the AVAM award from the Association of Visual Artists of Madrid with the project “Almas Latentes” in 2009.

He currently works as a Visual Designer and VJ in HEART Ibiza: a creative partnership between Cirque du Soleil and the Adria brothers that brings together art, circus and gastronomy. He is co-founder of Tribute and manages the audiovisual and collaborative aspects of the project.

Brenda Boyer

Documentaries and Video Editor

Brenda Boyer experiences life through images and sound. She has worked on various projects, from electronic music to cinematic documentaries, with themes ranging from gender and feminism, identity, forgiveness, and rites.

She edits, photographs, and records from intuition and without much guidance, alert to capture life expressing itself in its perfect synchronicity. En Lugar de Nada is her debut documentary that embraces her philosophy and is the foundation of her studio project named SALVAJE.

Carolina Francesca


Carolina Francesca, a creative professional nomad who’s called the US, Brazil, and the places in between home, she bridges the gap between indigenous communities and the modern world. Her mission is to ignite the fire within ourselves, connecting us to ancestral wisdom, our indigenous roots and communities, and share practical insights on sustainable life and travel.

To serve her life purpose, she merges knowledge acquired through her Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Advertising with her plant medicine path. Carolina is the founder of The Terrapist, integrating therapeutic elements of nature with crystal work, reiki infused decor, terrariums, energy healing, and music. She further expresses her creative essence through photography, filmmaking, and media design.

“The goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” – Chuck Palahniuk


James Shepherd

Video Editor

James Shepherd is a filmmaker from Hayling Island in the United Kingdom. He studied Media Production at the University of Chichester, and is currently based in Toulouse, France.

James works freelance shooting and editing online video content, and is passionate about exploring new ideas and culture through film, seeking out a deeper understanding of our place in the universe, and giving exposure to people who are doing what they can to make a difference.

Driven by a longstanding interest in the mystical and spiritual, James wants to learn as much as he can about the cosmic nature of our reality and share it with us.

Valeria Ceron – Sophie Moon

Social Media and Script Writer

Hailing from Bogota- Colombia & South Florida, Sophie is a producer, motivational speaker, intuitive healer and coordinator of conscious gatherings & events. She is a founder of the Unity is Change Collective and Co-Founder of Meraki, Lotus Flower of Life & Fusionando Mundos.
Sophie has been inspired by the philosophy of oneness and unconditional love and honors these ideals in sacred ceremonial traditions, humbly living her purpose of spreading awareness worldwide.

She is passionate about bridging the gap between modern and ancient cultures. Her work with indigenous communities and tribes, spiritual elders and local communities is focused on delivering their wisdom in an accessible way, to empower and remind people that we are all made of the same essence.

Sophie engages the healing powers of yoga, sound, cacao and movement – through her voice, her music, her videos and her dance, she embraces the freedom of changing and expanding.


Israel Ramírez

Audio Visual Coordinator

Born in Mexico, Israel is an audiovisual producer, a specialist in 3D video mapping, virtual reality and interactivity, founder and co-director of Visualma Multimedia Arts. Passionate about the culture, the arts and the indigenous culture from very young, he currently collaborates actively with the Wirrarika community. His vision in Tribute is to coordinate audiovisual projects, video production and animation.