The Homage to Life

Tribute is a space of diffusion and wisdom. Our objective is to remind the world other ways of living in harmony with our planet.

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A Space of Diffusion and Knowledge

We share the message of the universe through our elders, spiritual masters, medicine women, medicine men, scientists, artists, and wisdom keepers.

Awakening of Consciousness

We want your collaboration to continue to carry out audio-visual projects that are dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings

Ancestral knowledge

We invite you to support the manifestation of this vision that wishes to safeguard ancestral traditions.

Body, mind and spirit

You can explore different reports and documentary projects on the platform, in relation to the ancestral teachings, alternative healing, and the conservation of ecosystems.

Urpillay sonqollay. Kawsaypak.

These are our objectives: audiovisual projects created to remind us how to preserve and promote knowledge, at the service of Mother Earth and humanity.

Conveying Wisdom

Share the ancestral wisdom with the Western World, in an artistic way.

Conserve Resources

Contribute to activities related to the preservation of the environment, natural resources and biodiversity.

Show Paths

Of ancestral wisdom and body-mind-spirit purification to all who will listen.

Strengthen Identity

Through the practice and protection of the indigenous traditions.

Preserve Knowledge

Promote projects for the conservation of the culture of our peoples.

Collaborate Actively

With native communities in the development of sustainable projects in relation to their ways of living and their environment.


We Are One

“When the blood of your veins returns to the sea,
and the dust in your bones return to the ground,
you may remember that this land does not belong to you,
but you belong to this earth.”

Native American proverb


Sharing Time

“We have to return, make our circles and return to our roots … then, we have to be informed, educated and embrace the beauty of our rituals, then the world will heal and abundance will come … the abundance of sharing.”

Rosa Linda Namises-Namibia

Numbers in the Service of Mother Earth

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With Ancestral Wisdom & Medicine

We are a group of passionate sentient beings with video-artistic and investigative talents, putting them at the disposal of the universe in order to realize this tribute.

Javier Marco Barba

Director & Co-Founder. Biological Sciences PhD, Alphabiotist, Vegetalist, & Photographer.

Alfred Ramírez

Artistic Director & Co-Founder. Linguist, Audiovisual Professional, Video Artist, and Photographer.

Jordi Blasco

Director of Photography & Co-Founder. Professional Photographer & Visual Designer.

Brenda Boyer

Cinematic Documentaries, Audiovisual Professional & Photographer.

Carolina Francesca

Photographer, Marketing Professional, Designer, Artist.

James Shepherd

Audiovisual Production, Cinema, Video Editing & Production.

Sophie Moon

Producer, Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Healer.

Israel Ramírez

Coordinator of visual projects, Multimedia Artist.

Be part of the Homage to the Mother Earth

We want your collaboration to be able to realize this tribute